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Your Illinois driver’s license is revoked, and you want to go through the process of having your license reinstated, but don’t know what to do. The following should answer some of your questions.

The Illinois Secretary of State issues driver’s licenses; it’s considered a privilege to have one. But good people for various reasons have their driver’s licenses revoked (cancelled) due to DUI convictions.

You will need to petition the Secretary of State to have your driving privileges restored. This will require a formal administrative hearing. You may represent yourself at a formal hearing, but it’s not recommended.

DUI cases create paperwork from many different entities, such as the arresting police department, the facility where you had your drug and alcohol assessment, places where you attended classes and several others.

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You will be required to bring this paperwork with you when you arrive at your hearing. Some of the required documents cannot be older than a certain amount of time. If you fail to bring a single document or bring one that’s outdated, the hearing cannot proceed. You must then request another formal hearing and pay the $50.00 application fee again.

But, perhaps the most important reason not to try formal hearings on your own is because there will be an attorney representing the Secretary of State who has intimate working knowledge of the applicable laws.

The Secretary of State is not looking to reinstate your driver’s license. You must overcome a strong presumption that you’re a danger to public safety behind the wheel of a car.

You may possibly be able to go through this process successfully all on your own. Even if you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you, there is no guarantee of success. But the odds are much better with a lawyer who understands the law as well as the attorney for the Secretary of State; and who knows exactly which documents must be brought to your hearing. An experienced attorney will also help you prepare to answer all the questions you’ll face during the formal hearing.

You will be questioned by the administrative hearing officer and the Secretary of State’s attorney. Your attorney--should you hire one--will also ask you questions; this is another benefit of obtaining legal representation, since you cannot ask yourself questions. The answers to the questions your attorney will ask you are designed to help your case, so that the hearing officer and Secretary of State’s attorney hear the good things about you at the beginning of the hearing.

Having your driver’s license revoked creates a stressful problem felt every day. You may have lost employment or other opportunities. One thing is for certain: you’ve had to rearrange your life to work around not having a driver’s license, and these are typically difficult adjustments.

A reinstatement of your revoked driver’s license may be possible. Please contact me at no charge with any questions you may have.

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