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Serious Representation for Serious Criminal Accusations

There is no time to wait if you have been charged with a sex crime. Emotions are always high in sex cases, and in many instances, favorable evidence must be preserved for use in your defense. The nature of sex crimes requires delicacy and strategy by your attorney. There is much at stake.

A conviction of a sex crime may require in addition to a potentially lengthy prison sentence, a life-long annual registration of your residence with the local police department and life-long restrictions on where you can live or where you can be.

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Comprehensive Representation for Multiple Kinds of Sex Crimes

There are many types of sex crimes. Sexual contact by an adult with a minor is illegal, even if the sex was consensual; thus, an 18-year-old could be charged with a sex crime for sexual contact with a 16-year-old.

Examples of more serious sex crimes include rape, using a weapon during commission of the sex crime or causing bodily injury. Sex crimes committed against children are the most serious.

History has shown that it is not uncommon for a supposed victim or parent who is seeking revenge to lie about a sex crime that never happened. These cases require a tough, pro-active defense and an attorney like Marcus Schantz who is experienced in scientific evidence, such as DNA.

Child Pornography

Manufacturing, distributing or possessing child pornography are also sex crimes. ‘Child’ in this context means anyone who is a minor. Simply possessing a single photo on a cell phone or computer of a nude minor could be considered possession of child pornography. Even if that photo was sent by the person depicted in it, possessing it is illegal. Younger people, such as teenagers, need to take special precaution of this in the era of social media.

Building a Powerful Defense

There are many reasons why someone could be perfectly innocent of the criminal sex crime of which they have been accused. They might have accidentally downloaded malware with child pornography or were not aware the person with which they had sexual content was under 18. They might have been even falsely accused by a person seeking emotional revenge for a perceived wrong.

Alternatively, law enforcement officers might be mistaken or careless in their investigation, or even negligent in collecting all the facts and context. This is why attorney Marcus Schantz takes a much more detailed examination of all the supposed “evidence” to determine the most powerful strategy for your defense and look out for gaps and mistakes the police might have made.

Taking Proactive Steps

For a case involving a criminal sex charge, it is important to act as quickly as possible, so that your defense can begin immediately. Call Springfield sex crime lawyer Marcus Schantz at once.

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