Case Results

  • Not Guilty
    Attempted Murder of Police Officers

    Client charged with attempted murder of two Chicago Police officers whom he shot while they were executing a search warrant in his home was found not guilty by a jury after I demonstrated the actions taken by police were improper and my client had acted in self-defense.

  • Not Guilty
    Felon in Possession of a Firearm

    Client charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm found during a parole search was found not guilty by a jury after I demonstrated my client had no knowledge the firearm was in the house.

  • Not Guilty
    Armed Robbery With a Firearm

    Client charged with armed robbery with a firearm and who faced 21-45 years in prison was found not guilty at trial after my cross-examination of the victim showed he was confused and had identified my client simply because he had seen him before.

  • Not Guilty
    First-Degree Murder

    Client charged with first-degree murder for a cold case from 1984 was found not guilty at trial. My knowledge of blood splatter evidence along with video from an illegal interrogation demonstrated my client was not present when the murder occurred.

  • Not Guilty
    Possession with Intent to Distribute

    Client charged with possession with intent to distribute 10 pounds of cannabis was found not guilty by a jury. At trial I established that the police who intercepted the package had acted improperly.

  • Charge Reduced
    Attempted Murder

    Client charged with attempted first-degree murder and other weapon’s charges was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor after my investigation uncovered a fatal flaw in the prosecution’s case when hidden evidence was eventually produced.